Dive Shop Dive Dream

We opened in 1993

Dive dream's located in east coast Izu peninsula.
It is very accessible from Tokyo.
It only takes two hours by train.
We can see a lot of marine creatures all year round and we'll show you the beautiful ocean and bring you wonderful dive trip.
We cover wide areas of dive site around Izu Peninsula where you can choose the dive sites each day on good weather wind and marine condition.
If you are a certified diver and you want to dive in Japan, come and contact Dive Dream.
We well help you make unforgettable memories your dive trip in japan.
Our guides always ensure the safety of our divers first and performs in accordance to the safety guidelines.
We also prepare many rental equipment parts.




Introduction of IOP

Our main dive site is Izu Oceanic Park.(I.O.P)

Izu oceanic park (I.O.P) is a most famous dive site in Izu peninsula.
IOP is one of the most historical diving spots in Japan.
Guests and divers can enjoy the underwater world all year round.
There is a 50 meter swimming pool which is filled by seawater.
Dressing rooms are available to provide divers the privacy to change into their diving gears.
Hot Showers where divers can freshen up before and after diving.
Rest houses. And many more.
Washing area is also provided for the washing of the diving equipment
If you haven't dove for a long time, you can do a warm up in the pool
A space is also provided to prepare the diving equipment at the beach side

Daily schedule

We are doing business everyday

9:00  It is time for meeting at Dive dream.
Fill out a diving application.
Check of your rental equipment parts.
10:00 Depart to IOP. It takes 5min by our van.
11:00 First dive after briefing.
12:00 Lunch time
14:00 Second dive after briefing.
15:00 Finish the second dive.
You take a shower and change you clothes.
16:00 Return to dive dream.





You need to make a reservation by e-mail.

Please tell me what your name, Reservation date, what kind of certification card, how many dive do you have? when did you last dive? and do you have equipment,

If you take a train to dive shop.
Train of the arrival to 8:35 Izu-Kogen Station.
We can pick you up to the Izu-Kogen Station gate.

If you take by car to dive shop.
It is 9:00am at dive shop by car

We are doing business everyday
RESERVATION e-mail : d2@dive-dream.com

Hotel & Reservetion

We can reserve your hotel near the dive shop.
There are some Accommodations in Izu-kogen area.
It takes about 5~10min from dive shop.

There are five hotels.

marine blue  It is the hotel with the room of the tatami.
ichiro  It is the hotel with the room of the tatami.

We will pick you up at your hotel at 8:30.
We take you to your hotel after dive.


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We accept Credit card and Japanese Yen
You should pay 5% commission by Credit card.

Cancellation Policy

a day before diving 50%
On the dive day 100%
We are writing to inform you about cancellation.